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Coal Ash Dryer

Coal Ash Dryer

Outer Cylinder Length: 6 - 8.5 m

Production Capacity: 20 - 99 t/h

Application Range: Coal industry, ore beneficiation industry, steel making industry and sand making industry.

Processible Materials: Slag, sand, coal, coal ash, iron powder, minerals, silica sand.

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Coal Ash Dryer Introduction

Fly ash or coal ash dried by coal ash dryer and fly ash dryer can be used as admixture for cement, mortar and concrete, and can be part of the cement and concrete. Fly ash or coal ash can instead raw materials of cement to produce raw materials of cement clinker, fired brick, aerated concrete, foam concrete, sintered or non-sintered ceramsite hollow brick, etc. According to the moisture requirements of dried materials in different industries, the moisture content of dried materials can be reached 1-0.5%.

Coal Ash Dryer Features

1. Low outlet temperatures, long service life of dust removal equipment.
2. Use new modular lifting device, so desired final moisture indicator can easily be regulated according to users’ requirements.
3. High automation, easy operation, smooth running.
4. Low investment, quick earnings.
5. The fly ash dryer is new energy-saving product, with energy saving of 20% than that of other similar products.
6. Fuel such as coal, oil and gas can be used in fly ash dryer or coal ash dryer.

Technical Datas of Coal Ash Dryer

Product Specification
Processing capacity(t/h) Motor power-type
Reducer type Feeding moisture(%) Heat value of bunker coal Discharging moisture
Φ1.2x10 2.5-3 M160M-6-7.5 ZQ350Ⅱ-25 25±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ1.5x14 7-9 Y180L-6-15 ZQ400Ⅱ-31.5 25±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ1.5x18 9.5-12 Y180L-6-15 ZQ400Ⅱ-31.5 27±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ1.8x14 12-15 Y200L-6-18.5 ZQ400Ⅱ-31.5 25±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ1.8x18 14-18 Y200L1-6-18.5 ZQ400Ⅱ-31.5 27±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ2.0x18 18-22 Y200L2-6-22 ZQ50Ⅱ-31.5 25±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ2.0x20 18-23 Y200L2-6-22 ZQ50Ⅱ-31.5 30±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ2.2x18 21-25 Y200L2-6-22 ZQ65Ⅱ-31.5 27±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ2.2x20 22-25 Y225M-6-30 ZQ65Ⅱ-31.5 30±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ2.4x20 25-29 Y225M-6-30 ZQ75Ⅱ-31.5 27±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ2.4x22 26-30 Y225M-6-30 ZQ75Ⅱ-31.5 30±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ2.6x20 28-33 Y250M-6-37 ZQ85Ⅱ-31.5 25±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ2.6x24 29-35 Y250M-6-37 ZQ85Ⅱ-31.5 30±5 ≥5500 ≤13
Φ3.0x20 45-50 Y280S-6-45 ZQ100Ⅱ-31.5 25±5 ≥5500 ≤13

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